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Elusive neutral when bike is not moving

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Hello Chris, Ive got a problem I hope you can help with.
Bike: 98 Suz, DR350
Problem: Unable to select neutral while stopped with engine running. [like at a stop light].
Bike shifts fine both up and down and clutch does not slip when accellerating or under a load.
Cable free play is correct according to owners manual.
Whats wrong?
Thank you,


Hard to say at this distance.

First thing I’d do is pull the engine cover over the internal shift mechanism and ensure it is correctly adjusted.  You’ll need a factory/Haynes/Clymer manual for the specific procedure.

Next check the steel plates in the clutch for warpage – which can cause exactly the symptoms you describe.  A piece of plate glass is sufficiently flat.  Clean the plate and place it on the glass.  Press down around the edge of the steel plate at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock.  If it’s warped badly, it will be evident.  Next take your thinnest feeler gauge – 2,000th – and try to slide it under the edge of the clutch plate at several points around the circumference.  If it will slide under, the plate is warped.

The last, possibility is something amiss inside the trans. itself – a bent shift fork or such-like.

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