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How to identify the source of compression loss without a leak-down tester.

Posted: July 28th, 2010 | Author: Administrator | Filed under: Engine, Motorcycle Repair | No Comments »

  If you have a compression gauge, here’s a quick and effective way to identify the source of the compression leaks without a proper leak-down tester.

Screw the compression gauge hose into the spark plug hole – but instead of fitting the gauge, attach the hose from your compressor.  The hose should use the same type and size of quick coupling as the gauge.  Remove the oil filler plug.  Turn the air on and listen for the sound of air.  If you can hear it at the filler plug hole, the rings are leaking – at the carb, the intake valve(s) on that cyl. – at the exhaust pipe – the exhaust valve(s).

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