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To: “Chris Finlayson” <acf2×>
Date: Monday, March 8, 2010, 2:15 PM


Had the 360 running nice, was actually out a couple of days when there
was a break and it was 50. Now she no  wanna start. new battery,
connections good plenty of juice, electric start sounds like it is not
up to it, kick start, nothing rolling down hill it goes, but does not
air filters clean, intake boots connected

spark yes

gas is fresh

I suspect the kill switch. I am not sure why. Maybe it is the way he
looks at me as I walk by? I have noticed that the starter makes the
exact same sound of not starting in all three positions of the switch.
Could there be some corrosion in that puppy? Is this something that

Other than that. How you doin? Survive the winter okay?




If you’ve got good spark, the leering kill switch is not the culprit.

First thing I would check is that the fuel is flowing freely from the tank to the carbs.  Do you have filters in the lines?   The slow starter motor could be separate problem.

Make sure the vent in the gas cap is working.  If not, you can have perfectly functioning/flowing everything else – and the initial flow of fuel when you turn the tap on will draw a vacuum in the tank sufficient to slow flow to a trickle and then stop.  Opening the cap will make a small whoosh and the fuel will flow.
At the moment I am late to look at/buy and XS650 so this is brief.

Existential Motorcycles
Alexander, NC



Okay. The switch says you are a freaking genius. Opened the gas cap, started just fine.